Pom Pom Beach Shorts

Pom Pom Beach Shorts

There’s nothing better than a pair of cute little beach shorts, and these came in particularly handy on my recent holiday to Portugal (seven days of sleep just can’t be beat!)

I was determined to make myself some lovely, floppy little numbers in time for the summer, and I remembered a huge piece of cheesecloth-type fabric I bought from Ipswich’s Crafty Baba for £3…yep! And this piece is HUGE, I’m talking 2/3 metres! It was an absolute steal and so perfect for the slouchy shorts I had in mind.

Pom pom beach shorts

I happened upon a great City Gym Shorts pattern from the guys at Purl Soho and got to work! Well, when I say got to work I mean I cut the wrong sized pattern and realised halfway through sewing that they were tiny, but we’ll skip over that part.

My hips are 32.5″ and after my mishap I finally settled on the 38-40″ size which proved to be the perfect fit: just the right amount of gather at the waistband, particularly for such a loose fabric. I also shortened the pattern by a few inches as I personally prefer a shorter short; you can see from the photos how this turned out. All personal style though of course!

This was also the first time ever I’ve made my own bias binding and, seeing as I made it hard for myself and picked a wayward fabric, I’m really pleased with the results.

Pom pom beach shorts

Then, of course, I added pom poms along the hem with a simple zig zag stitch (I found this worked best with a slighty wider and tighter zig zag but definitely play around with what works best on your chosen fabric).

I’m actually really glad I did this as it reinforces the bias binding around the leg holes and stops the fabric from fraying and pulling out. Pom poms: is there anything they can’t do?

So there we are! I basically haven’t stopped wearing these since as they are so comfy and perfect for lounging on the beach (or sofa if you live nowhere near the Algarve!)

Let me know what you think in the comments!

Albany x

📷: Mathew Parri Thomas


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