The perfect Father’s Day card


So just a quick post today detailing the card I made for my old man for Father’s Day. He’s definitely a typical dad, always telling us to switch the lights off, lock the doors, turn the heating down! His party trick is to tidy away your things so that you can’t find them next time you come looking…something my Mum thoroughly enjoys…*ahem*.

As much as he has his little quirks we of course still love him so much, and what with his birthday falling just after father’s day, this really is his time of year. I saw a similar design to this a little while ago and smiled at how much it resembled my dad. I couldn’t find where to buy one so I decided to make it instead!


This is a super easy card to put together; it’s really quite self explanatory. However, it did mean I’d have to hand write the text which, as anyone who hates their handwriting as much as me knows, was a terrible thought. I have been practicing lettering recently though, and I chose a typeface which is very easy and purposely ‘scrawly’, so I am pretty happy with the result.

The card base is a 5×7″ and I simply layered up green card to create a border before placing the quote on top. I accented the wording with a lime green Staedtler fineliner (I’ve been obsessed with these pens since school) as well, just to tie everything together.

A really simple and quick card that definitely made my dad chuckle!

Albany x


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