Super Easy Tissue Case

So I’ve been seeing quite a few of these little tissue cases dotted across the Internet, and thought they looked so simple to make that I decided to give it a go. I recently went to visit my auntie in Ipswich and this proved to be a lovely little gift for her, not to mention a great way to use up scraps!

First, I cut a 6.5″x5.5″ rectangle of fabric for the outer casing (although it didn’t matter with this fabric, I later found that any directional print needs to be going horizontally in order for it to end up vertical on the finished article and vice versa) and a 7.5″x5.5″ piece of contrast fabric for the lining.
After pinning and sewing the pieces right sides together along the short edges, I turned it right side out and pressed so that a little bit of the lining fabric peeked out at each short edge of the outer fabric.
With the outer fabric facing me and laid horizontally, I folded both long ends in so they just overlapped slightly at the centre*. That left me with a little ‘book’ with the lining facing outwards.
After pinning along the now short ends at the top and bottom, I stitched it together, making sure to catch all the layers of fabric (2x lining and 2x outer fabric) and backstitching at either end to secure.
I removed all the pins and turned it right side out to reveal the outer fabric on the outside!

*I found that a lot of tutorials don’t overlap the edges and felt that this left the case too loose to fit tissues in securely. Overlapping definitely helps counteract that!

I hope you like it!
Albany x


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