Why I Love Cross Stitch

I have been cross stitching for some years now and it’s grown to become one of my favourite crafts; I always have a project on the go.

I’m funny though, I don’t always love the finished result of cross stitch. I find a lot of the designs rather old fashioned and not something I would put up on the wall (I do however love all the modern, funny designs that have been making the rounds recently…so watch this space!).

The thing I like about the art of cross stitch is the process. I love seeing the image slowly come together x by x, I love working out the ‘path’ of each colour and the satisfying act of highlighting each row as I go along. It’s something to do while I’m watching TV or listening to podcasts (The Tobolowsky Files…get on it!) and I’m very rarely seen on the sofa without a needle and thread.
What also strikes me is the number of people who comment “Oh that looks fiddly,” or “You must be very clever to do that”. I genuinely find it incredibly straightforward; you have a pattern to follow and you just sew x’s! I think it’s a common misconception that cross stitch is difficult and I would argue the complete opposite. As long as you have good eyes and a bit of patience there’s no reason not to give it a go.
I’ve been working on a fairly detailed piece recently that has been coming along slowly but surely. Again, I probably won’t display it once I’ve finished but the art of cross stitching, the almost meditative effect it has, is reward enough.

Albany x


2 thoughts on “Why I Love Cross Stitch

  1. I share very similar sentiments with you when it comes to why I like cross stitching. 🙂

    Cross-stitching is a lot like coloring 8-bit art with thread (although we do also color in the pattern as we complete the stitches, haha). I like the sense of instant gratification from being able to see how I gradually complete the pattern. It’s therapeutic and is a great activity to do alongside listening to music, or watching a movie or TV show.


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