Simple Pot Holder

So in my quest to become a better sewist I recently bought a very self-explanatory book entitled How to Machine Sew, full of all the basic techniques you need to sew (obviously), and I absolutely love it!

The instructions are incredibly simple and easy to follow – with everything from topstitching to inserting zips – and the book itself is nicely put together. It’s definitely been helping me to practise and work towards creating some really amazing pieces.


The first project in the book is a simple pot holder which is a great project to start out with. I found a lovely piece of red mattress ticking in my fabric stash that was absolutely perfect for this project. It gave it a real ‘country kitchen’ vibe, particularly combined with this cute ribbon that I used for the loop.

First, I cut out two 12″×12″ pieces from the ticking fabric. Using the various stitches on my sewing machine, I stitched along the lines on one piece, altering the stitch width and length throughout to create some decoration and texture. This is a super simple way to add that extra detail to something fairly plain.

Simple Pot Holder

I then cut a 12″x12″ piece of wadding and pinned the ticking pieces right sides together with the wadding on the outside. I also created a loop with the ribbon (one i found in our overflowing ribbon box) and pinned to one corner before sewing all the layers together, leaving a gap along one edge.

After turning everything right side out, I pressed the opening in on itself and topstitched around the edge of the square (thus sealing the gap) before giving it a good press to finish!


I really love how it’s turned out for my first proper sewing project and it’s the perfect size to put under hot pots and pans.

I hope you like it, and if you’re learning to sew I highly recommend picking up the book!

Albany x


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